Can Depression Cause Hair Loss

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Hair provides us a sense that is great — that is known by everybody. And yet, few men and women think about the association between baldness and health. Many mental health ailments can cause unhealthy or thinning hair, forming a cycle of harm to self-esteem which might appear hard to escape. This blog show concentrates on four health issues as they affect your own hair, and what may be done to help.

Can depression cause hair loss?

Stress may result in depression. However, can baldness be caused by depression ?

Depression is a state of mind in which an individual is continuously involved in thinking something which may lead to many health problems. Stress or depression is definitely not good for health and can cause hair loss. 

However losing 100 to 150 hair daily is considered to be normal but if this increases on a daily basis then there is a matter of concern. There are many reasons for hair loss. It is important you visit a surgeon and understand the problem. 

Some antidepressant drugs, like Prozac, may cause thinning hair for a side-effect. Thinning hair also has a negative impact on mood. Individuals with thinning hair can experience damage to their self-esteem; feel significantly less physically appealing or not as sexually desired; or feel faced by the human body’s aging process, over which they might feel that they have very little control. This nervousness, and may bring about low mood, stress.

Clinical depression

But for low disposition to cross the clinical threshold to depression, a variety of criteria will need to be fulfilled. Sufferers should have undergone low disposition always for a period of two weeks; they might feel exhausted and tired, be cynical about the future, and in some instances experience thoughts of suicide or death.

Hair reduction

Hair loss may be an element in these types of symptoms — it may give people experiencing clinical depression a focus’ due to their negative emotions. Individuals experiencing depression are in psychological pain but often feel helpless to change how they feel. They might even deny those feelings or feel guilty about these as if, particularly when baldness is your reason, they should not feel awful.

Facing up to the reduction

But the one way to boost low mood brought on by baldness is to face it — pardon the pun — head-on. Alter or any reduction can traumatic, and recognizing that is actually the first step to healing that is emotional.

Retrieval is possible

You might find it beneficial to consult with a specialist counsellor about your feelings, or rather try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or a skills-based treatment which could develop emotional coping mechanisms and enhance self-esteem.

Favorable improvement

As for baldness, this also can be treated holistically. Whether baldness results from sadness, or contributing to it, a professional hair practice together with psychological support can quickly place your mind in a much better location.

If you are affected by baldness and low disposition, get in touch with Artius Clinic to establish a consultation. We discuss your choices, and will diagnose your baldness.

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