Best Treatment for Gynecomastia? 10 Benefits of Male Breast Reduction

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Benefits Of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is a medical procedure performed for male breast reduction due to a hormonal imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. Here are a few benefits of gynecomastia surgery for men for breast reduction:

  • More manly figure
    No matter how muscular you look or how good your biceps and triceps are, having bulky pectoral muscles can give you a more feminine look. So one of the most significant male gynecomastia surgery benefits is that you can have a more masculine look. The doctor might also combine it with liposuction to provide you with a toned figure. After the procedure, do exercises like rowing and swimming, which will help tone your back muscles, and no one will know that you had man boobs. You will also be able to wear whatever you like without worrying about how you look.
  • Treat your back pain.
    Having an augmented bust can cause pain in the lower back, not just in women but also in men suffering from gynecomastia. It might not be an issue if you have well-built back muscles. But if not, it can result in quite a lot of pain. In the worst cases, the load on your chest, not being compensated by the strong back muscles, can result in a permanent curvature in your spine, leaving you disfigured. In addition, you will have a hunch on your back and will suffer from chronic spinal pain. If the severity of your gynecomastia is high and the posture is poor, the pain might even reach your lower back and buttocks. That’s why man boobs surgery, along with exercises to build your back muscles, is considered to be quite beneficial in treating back pain.
  • Suitable for everyone
    Anyone over 18 can have this surgery. But if you are obese or overweight, the doctor might recommend you to lose weight before you opt for gynecomastia surgery because you might just have fatty tissues and mistaking them for glandular tissues. The enhancement of your breasts area is due to fat tissues. Exercising and liposuction would be much better than gynecomastia surgery. In that case, the doctor might also advise you to follow a diet plan and exercise regularly for weight loss so that the picture becomes clear on whether or not you have gynecomastia. So breast reduction is considered to be beneficial for everyone.
  • Quick procedure
    The cosmetic surgeon would most probably conduct this surgery at their clinic itself. You will be administered either general anaesthesia or just a local one, so there won’t be any pain or discomfort, and you will be able to leave after a brief observation. The procedure will go on for approximately one and a half hours to two hours, so you won’t even be spending a full day at the clinic and reap the benefits for your entire life. But if there is a significant accumulation of fatty tissues, it might take more time to remove them with the help of liposuction along with breast reduction.
  • Quick recovery
    After the surgery, you will only have to consume analgesics to avoid pain and discomfort for about 72 hours. Then, you might have to wear a compression band to prevent swelling and accelerate the recovery process. After around a month, you will be okay to continue with your daily routine as usual, including rigorous exercises for staying in shape, but without any shame or self-consciousness. Hard-core workouts and heavy-lifting are barred during that time. Other than that, you will be good to go in just a couple of days after the male breast reduction.
  • Long-term results
    Providing long-lasting results is one of the most significant benefits of gynecomastia surgery. Once removed, the fat cells in your chest won’t grow back. But if you don’t control your weight within the standard parameter, the fat cells might expand again. Moreover, if the hormonal imbalance is correctly diagnosed and treated, the chances of glandular tissues regrowth are next to none. The long-lasting results will depend upon four aspects of your procedure:
    1. A proper diagnosis and treatment for the root cause of gynecomastia.
    2. Keeping yourself in shape with a healthy diet and regular exercise to prevent the regrowth of fat cells.
    3. Stay away from smoking and alcohol.
    4. Avoid consuming anabolic steroid medications unless the doctor has prescribed them.
  • More confidence
    Any kind of disfigurement can lead to lower self-esteem and can take a severe hit on your confidence. Having man boobs can lead to having insecurities, triggering your social anxiety. So having this surgery can provide you with more confidence to go out in public and socialise.
  • Easier weight management
    Although too much weight is one of the reasons behind this affliction, not everyone with man boobs is obese or overweight. But having gynecomastia can make it harder for anyone to perform exercises because of the embarrassment and discomfort. But with the help of male breast reduction surgery, you could perform exercises and manage your weight easily.
  • Free mind
    When you have gynecomastia, several negative thoughts may run through your mind, like, how you can hide your condition, what people might think about you, etc. So having this surgery can provide you with peace of mind.
  • More clothing options
    Having this affliction can lead to you having limited wardrobe choices. Unfortunately, there are very few clothes that can help you hide the man boobs. But after you have this surgery, your physique will change drastically, widening your clothing horizons.

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