8 Important Facts You Should Know About Hair Transplant

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We live in such a time where the whole world is competing with each other and leading a busy life that is purely built-up of stress and a very unhealthy lifestyle. But we do not realize how all of these take a toll on our body, especially our hair.

This eventually gives rise to hair loss in both young men and women, which if left untreated, can result in baldness. But the good news is people suffering from such conditions can now quickly get rid of this condition by undergoing a hair transplant procedure. This is a permanent solution that involves extracting hair follicles from the back and sides of the scalp and then implanting it to the recipient or balding area of the scalp. But before undergoing this surgical procedure, it is incredibly essential to be aware of the hair transplant facts.

Things to know about hair transplant

  1. One of the leading hair transplant facts includes that the patient’s hair follicles are used in this procedure, so the transplanted hair grows back just like our natural hair. 
  2. Among all the other hair transplant factsthis one is the most crucial. There are two most common hair transplant techniques – Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). These procedures must only be undergone after consulting with an experienced hair surgeon because it is only a skilled surgeon who can suggest which is the best procedure for you. However, the FUT hair transplant procedure is widely performed due to its pocket-friendly price range, but it leaves behind some scar that is camouflaged by the most experienced hair surgeon. Whereas FUE is one of the most advanced hair transplant procedures that is recommended for people with short hair.
  3. One of the most crucial things to know before a hair transplant is that this hair restoration procedure does not always leave behind a head full of dense natural hair. This is because the results may highly vary from one person to another as that depends on the type of hair, the extent of baldness, amount of hair available in the donor area and other associated factors.
  4. These days, the hair transplant procedure is performed on an out-patient basis which means the patients no longer need to stay in the hospital. They can return home the same day after a few hours of undergoing the procedure.
  5. Not all cases of baldness can be rectified by using a hair transplant procedure. Also, if you want to accomplish the most desired result, then make sure that you choose an experienced surgeon who holds several experiences in this field.
  6. Before a hair transplant procedure, it is essential to be aware of the fact that even though hair transplant is a permanent solution for baldness, it may not turn out to be equally effective for everyone. Some people may find satisfying results after one session, while other’s may need to undergo more than one course. So it is essential to set a reasonable expectation before undergoing the procedure.
  7. The most experienced hair surgeon mostly provides some precautions before a hair transplant procedure like quit smoking, stop taking some blood-thinning medications, presence of no complicated diseases, etc. All of these factors ensure a fast and safe recovery period.
  8. Immediately after undergoing the hair transplant procedure, the patients are also provided with some post-op instructions which they must follow strictly to accomplish the best natural appearing result.

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