5 Tips To Speed Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

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The recovery process starts when your nose and the surrounding tissues heal post-Rhinoplasty surgery. Though swelling and bruising are common however, it’s hard to wait till the final results are visible. Usually, the recovery time of Rhinoplasty surgery takes about six weeks during which we restrict exercise and vigorous activity. 

Here are a few Rhinoplasty recovery tips that you need to follow to ensure that the healing process goes smoothly with little discomfort. Check out how you can speed your nose surgery recovery time:

Leave your nose alone

After the surgery, there will be some drainage along with the scab formation. Avoid touching and clearing your nose. Follow your surgeon’s instructions and don’t use swabs or fingers to remove mucus. If you feel the urge to sneeze, avoid blowing your nose instead you can relieve the pressure by opening your mouth. Your surgeon may apply a splint to hold your nose in the proper position. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a splint, avoid moving or adjusting it yourself.

Take Proper Rest 

Post-surgery, you need to take rest so that your body gets enough time to heal. Lie down and keep your head straight to reduce swelling around your nose. Use pillows while you sleep and avoid bending downwards. Also, try to avoid any strenuous physical activity during the recovery phase.

Avoid Bath

After your surgery, your surgeon will place bandages and dressings around and inside your nose. Avoid taking baths or going for a swim to ensure your nose does not get wet. You can dry clean your body taking care of the nose area to avoid any issue.

Apply Frozen Peas

You can apply a bag of frozen peas to the cheek and eye area to reduce swelling. Keep the bag away from your nose. 

Avoid Smoking 

Healing after any surgery takes time and a lot of energy which depends on your health habits. Avoid smoking during nose surgery recovery phase as it makes it hard for oxygen and other nutrients to reach the surgical site. 

Are you ready for Rhinoplasty?

Many people choose Rhinoplasty to correct aesthetic issues such as irregularly shape nostrils or a large nose or when the nose is out of proportion with the rest of the facial features. Rhinoplasty can help to reshape your nose. To know if rhinoplasty is a good choice for you, you can consult with our surgeon to understand all your options. You can book your consultation appointment online to know more about surgery.

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Here are a few questions you should ask any surgical practice while you visit for a consultation.

  • Is your surgeon board-certified?
  • Is your cosmetic surgeon trained and experienced in all types of plastic surgery procedures including Liposuction, Rhinoplasty?

Before making a final call, make sure you do proper research including the doctor’s qualifications and his or her surgical experience. Check the reviews and clear your expectations by understanding the process of nose job surgery. Ask about the training and educational background of the doctor and speak with the staff to get enough information about the practice and the physician. If you’re one of those looking for nose surgery, you can always come to us at Artius. Our doctors are well-versed in the most current advancements and techniques and have performed thousands of successful Rhinoplasty with guaranteed 100% results. Also, our services are reasonably priced and performed by the best doctors in the industry. Call for a personal consultation before you make a final commitment for Rhinoplasty surgery.

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