5 Common Myths About Hair Loss That Are Not True

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Hair loss is a cause of concern for all those who are facing it. Male pattern hair loss is more common as compared to female pattern hair loss. Alopecia (hair loss) not only results in compromised esthetics but, can lead to a decrease in confidence and self-esteem of an individual. 

Even though male hair loss is known to be more common than its female counterpart, the psychological impact is similar in both.

More often than not alopecia (hair loss) patients look for methods to prevent female or male hair loss and come across several hair loss myths and hair fall myths that have been around for decades. Here is a list of the five most common hair loss myths and facts:

1)Only ageing can cause hair loss

One of the most common hair fall myths is that ageing is the only cause of hair loss. But, hair loss can even be seen in people in other age groups such as the twenties or thirties and sometimes in teenage years as well. Earlier the age at which hair fall starts, the more severe the hair loss becomes with time. 

2) Hairspray and hair gel lead to hair loss

One of the most common hair loss myths is that various hair products such as hair spray and hair gel cause hair loss. Some even believe that too much shampooing, dandruff, frequent hair wash, and certain hairstyles lead to hair loss. This is untrue. Hair loss can occur in cases where the hair is pulled back tightly and continuous traction is applied. Hair fall usually occurs due to a problem in the scalp or the hair. It is important to stop any kind of hair treatment once you start seeing any signs of hair fall or hair thinning, and visit a hair restoration specialist for hair loss treatment.

3)Wearing a hat leads to hair loss

Wearing the hat occasionally does not lead to hair loss. Wear a hat continuously and at all times could potentially lead to hair fall. Maintenance of good hair hygiene and avoiding snug-fitting hats prevent hair loss.

4)Blocked hair follicles lead to hair loss

Most companies who manufacture hair products claim that blocked follicles are the cause of hair loss. This is one of the many hair loss myths that they promote to sell their products. One must be careful to not fall for such hair fall myths.

5)Advanced treatments for hair loss are only available in foreign countries

Another common hair loss myth is that advanced hair loss treatment is available only in foreign countries. However, with an advance in technology India has become one of the most successful countries in providing advanced hair restoration treatments for hair loss in men and women, and at an affordable cost. India has some of the best hair restoration doctors who can provide you with successful hair loss treatments, both surgical and non-surgical.

It is important to have a basic knowledge about the several hair loss myths and facts to help one in dealing with their hair loss problem better. It is important to steer clear of the many hair loss myths to identify the real cause of hair fall and get the appropriate treatment.

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