4 Ways To Recover From Gynecomastia Surgery

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Gynecomastia, otherwise known as the male breast, is such a condition that is characterized by puffy, tender breasts which may not give rise to some severe health issues but may affect them emotionally. Gynecomastia is a prevalent condition and affects many men around their 50’s or 60’s. 

Such people who want to get rid of the condition may choose to undergo a Gynecomastia surgical process. Gynecomastia surgery also comprehended as male breast reduction involves removing the breast tissues to create a smooth, contoured result to accomplish a masculine appearance. The cosmetic surgeon does not excise out some extra skin as that contracts on its own with time. Since this is a surgical process, before undergoing the process, you must know that the gynecomastia surgery recovery may take several weeks to recover completely depending on the technique utilized, your age and your medical profile.

Here stated below are four essential tips that you can achieve a quick gynecomastia surgery recovery

  1. Getting sufficient rest– If you are a working person, make sure that you schedule your working hours to get sufficient recovery time after gynecomastia surgery as your body will need some time to heal. When the anaesthesia wears off, you may experience some pain and uneasiness that is alleviated by using pain medication, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. It is okay if you feel tired and exhausted for a couple of weeks during the gynecomastia recovery period.
  2. Eat healthily and keep your body hydrated– While you are going through your post gynecomastia surgery recovery period, you must maintain a well-balanced diet to speed up the recovery period. Your diet should contain all the fruits, vegetables and proteins so that your body remains hydrated and has a sufficient amount of fibers, vitamins and minerals to ensure a speedy recovery. Maintaining a balanced diet during gynecomastia recovery time will help to recharge your body with all the necessary protein and iron needed for strength and stamina so that patients can resume their lifestyle.
  3. Taking care of the incisions– Immediately after undergoing gynecomastia surgical process, during the gynecomastia recovery phase, the surgeon will provide you with a compression garment. Now this compression garment must be worn as much as possible during the first two weeks after surgery of the recovery after gynecomastia surgery as it will help to control swelling, support the area of treatment, will reduce the stress on the incisions, help to maintain a contoured breast appearance and will also help to reduce the appearance of scars and other unwanted stretch marks. You must also make sure to gently clean your incisions and change dressings or bandages as instructed by your doctor.
  4. Enjoy moderate, mow-impact exercise– During the gynecomastia post-surgery recovery period, your surgeon will ask you to refrain from all types of strenuous activity that includes weight lifting, playing tennis or moving heavy items for a few weeks. However, that does not mean that you must refrain from exercises. With your surgeon’s permission, you must continue your daily low-impact activity like going for a walk, walking on a treadmill, and other light activities. Keeping your body flexible is very important during your gynecomastia recovery period as that will boost your physical and mental condition and speed up your recovery period. Before anything, you must consult with your surgeon and strictly adhere to the instructions provided by them to ensure a complication-free recovery.

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