3 Reasons To Love PRP Treatment For Hair Growth

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Hair loss is a common issue now. More than 40 million people are currently suffering from Androgenic Alopecia which we call the most common problem for hair loss which is an inherited trait. Hair fall may occur due to various reasons, and in most cases, the issues are present within your own body. Adopting some changes in lifestyle can also be very useful for hair loss. But numerous hair treatment procedures can slow down the process like medicines, OTC drugs, ointments, hair transplant and PRP hair treatment. Out of all the methods, the PRP hair treatment is one of the most effective ones.

The platelet-rich therapy for hair is one of the most efficient treatments for hair loss because the procedure includes harvesting plasma from the body’s blood that is responsible for stimulating hair growth. This plasma is injected into the scalp, especially to the hair thinning areas. No matter how strange the plasma hair treatment may seem, but there is actual science behind it, and this is a safe and powerful procedure.

Three reasons to love PRP treatment:

Following are the three most exciting reasons that will make you fall in love with the PRP therapy:-

  1. Medically tested procedure- A PRP hair treatment is most useful for hair treatment. Still, it is also extensively used in various other medical departments like Orthopaedics, Sports, Cosmetic surgical procedure, dental reconstruction therapies, and other medical requirements. The best part is this procedure is repairing damaged muscles, cartilage, ligaments, and even tendon injuries. Plasma therapy is also useful for treating acute arthritis pain and can revitalize your skin.
  2. Most effective natural treatment- The PRP hair treatment includes collecting the blood sample and then processing it. In the separation process, the red blood cells are separated from the platelets, plasma and other components of blood. The acquired solution is a platelet-rich plasma which is injected to the scalp. The plasma helps in activating the release of potent molecules such as growth factors that helps in stimulating the growth of the hair giving you an increased hair thickness, hair quality, and even a better hair growth cycle. The procedure involves zero side effects as the solution used is extracted from the body’s blood and not a chemical substance.
  3. Quick and easy treatment procedure- The PRP therapy for hair loss is quite an easy procedure and is performed in an outpatient procedure. Any experienced doctor may take about 45 minutes to complete this procedure. Patients undergoing this procedure may be able to resume their daily activities immediately after undergoing the procedure. However, the patients who have just experienced this procedure must strictly follow the instructions that are provided by the surgeon like not shampooing hair right the next day of undergoing the procedure. The PRP hair treatment involves no pain, and the most satisfying part is the procedure includes no complicated side effects except for some simple swelling and redness of the scalp. But that is nothing permanent, and this will start disappearing in less than a day.

However, according to most doctors, platelet-rich plasma treatments may not be equally effective for everyone. The PRP therapy for hair loss depends on an individual’s hair growth pattern, the PRP system, the concentration of the platelets and the technique utilized by the surgeon.

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